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Sacramento Kings eye indoor noise record vs. Pistons

The Sacramento Kings have notified the Guinness Book of World Records that they will attempt to set a new world record for noise in an indoor arena when the team takes on the Detroit Pistons on Nov. 15 on ESPN. 

Team president and COO Chris Granger joined Comcast SportsNet’s broadcast of the game against the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday and gave further details on what to expect during the nationally televised affair.

“The chatter’s been increasing and increasing and we’ve been paying attention to it,” Granger said. “We’re going to provide our fans with a platform  to make the loudest noise in the history of indoor arenas.” 

The movement has gone viral, and Kings fans are using the hash tag #HearWeRoar to show their solidarity. Over the offseason, the city and fan base showed substantial support of the team amid the potential sale to a Seattle-based investment group led by Chris Hansen, but fell through in large part due to their unwavering support. 

They’ll get a chance to show their true colors again come Nov. 15 on the Kings’ only nationally televised game. According to Granger, they won’t go into such a large undertaking without a trial run first.

“We will have a decibel meter here at the arena,” Granger added. “In fact, we’ll have it here on the 13th as well, so we’re going to practice on the 13th. And then on the 15th, we’ll have the decibel meter, we’ll have the judge here. You get three cracks at making a record. 

“I’m sure we’ll break it, knowing our fans, on the first try, but we have three tries in case we need it.” 

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Michael C. Jones is the managing editor and founder of Sports Out West and a Southern California-based sports journalist. His credits include Yahoo Sports and Bleacher Report, among others.


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