Could the Seahawks defense be an all-time great?

This week, the Seattle Seahawks face the Jacksonville Jaguars.  After facing the difficult test of the division rival San Francisco 49ers, this may seem like a letdown week.  However, there is a reason for the team to take this game seriously, especially the defense. 

Through two games the Seahawks defense has held opponents to just 10 points.  Now facing the anemic offense of the Jaguars, a shutout is a real possibility.  If the team posts a shutout, they could begin to set a pace to break the Baltimore Ravens’ record for the least amount of points allowed in a season. The 2000 Ravens held their opponents to a combined 165 points and posted four shutouts.

While it may seem early to think about season records, this defense is starting to look like it could be one of those historical defenses. 

Richard Sherman is this team’s version of the Ravens Chris McAlister or the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ronde BarberEarl Thomas is looking to play like Super Bowl MVP Dexter Jackson or Hall-of-Famer Rod WoodsonCliff Avril hopes to be like the 1985 Chicago Bear’s Richard Dent or like the 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers L.C. Greenwood

In a league where pass-happy offenses are all the rage, the Seahawks are a throwback to the old school.  Their success is predicated on running the ball and playing great defense.  Unlike most defenses in the league, this defense is built on physicality.  They like to line up and hit people in the mouth. Last Sunday night, they out-bullied the bully of the division, the San Francisco 49ers.  Any other team they play should expect no different. 

Very few defenses in the NFL scare teams anymore.  Most quality quarterbacks believe they can move the ball effectively under any circumstances.  The Seahawks defense actually makes quarterbacks wonder how effective they will be.  They scare offenses on every level.  The defensive line is stout and can rush the passer.  The linebackers like to bring the heat to anybody in their path.  The secondary is the most physical in the NFL and they can run with anyone.

The defensive scoring record may be a long shot, but the NFL had better take notice.  As far as the Seahawks are concerned, defense still wins championships, any offense in their way is in trouble.  

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Keenan Actkins

Keenan Actkins is an Arizona resident living in the Phoenix metropolitan area. He brings a wealth of sports knowledge and passion to the team with his unique insight and strong voice and opinion. He also contributes to Yahoo! Voices and has written for


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