Jeremy Lin confirms Dwight Howard doesn’t know what he likes

As the Dwight Howard saga painfully wears on, the latest news brings more of a chuckle to Los Angeles Lakers fans than the usual unbridled hatred when talking about the mercurial big man. 

That’s because according to his new point guard, Howard likes to run the pick-and-roll. 

From the Associated Press (via NBA.com)

Lin told reporters on a visit to Beijing that he saw a natural affinity in the pair’s affection for the pick-and-roll game.

“We’re not yet in Houston and haven’t trained together so I don’t know yet,” said the 25-year-old point guard, who was in China to oversee a basketball camp.

“But he really likes to play pick-and-roll and I really like to play pick-and-roll, so I hope we can work really well together and really happily learn how to play with each other,” Lin said.

Here’s why that’s hilarious. First, Steve Nash said the exact opposite when he spoke with ESPN 710 Los Angeles in July: 

“He didn’t seem like he really wanted to do a pick-and-roll offense, maybe because he had run one in Orlando for so long and he wanted to get in the post more,” Nash said.

The 17-year veteran was skeptical that Houston would provide a drastically different offense for Howard to thrive in.

“We’ll see,” Nash said. “Houston runs a pick-and-roll offense and they are littered with shooting and can maybe space the floor more for him so he can have more opportunities inside with space.”

Then, Nash pointed out the most ironic part of it all — the fact that Howard ran a pick-and-roll in Orlando and that Houston runs one as well. When Howard left L.A. to play in an offense that supposedly was better-suited for him, then it further confused everyone.  

Howard was reluctant to embrace the pick-and-roll while in Los Angeles, and on numerous occasions, his ex-coaches and teammates have since said that he fought it. Head coach Mike D’Antoni ostracized Pau Gasol in order to give Howard touches inside and didn’t make significant adjustments until very late in the season when it became clear that he needed both bigs engaged in order to string together wins. 

Then, Howard left L.A. behind so he could run more pick-and-roll? 

It’s all par for the course when trying to figure out what goes on in Dwight’s head. Lin probably isn’t making up his statement out of thin air, which means that Howard told him he likes the pick-and-roll after clearly resisting it in L.A. That means that either Howard doesn’t know what “liking” something means, or that he’s the most incredible mind-changer the NBA’s ever seen. We’re betting on the latter. 

Either way, he’s Houston’s problem now. 

Photo Credit: Scott Halleran | Getty Images

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