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Dodgers news: Brian Wilson refuses to shear the beard

Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Brian Wilson was offered $1 million to shave his famous beard by a razor company and become its new spokesman, according to Radar Online

As one would expect from the most interesting man in major league baseball, Wilson, rather his beard, responded to TMZ in kind

And now, a statement from Brian Wilson‘s million-dollar beard: “I DON’T CARE HOW MUCH MONEY’S ON THE TABLE … NOBODY’S CUTTING ME!”

Thank you, Beard.

So there it all is, Wilson via his beard said he isn’t going to sell out and shave for any amount of money: 

The crew over at MVP Sports Group tells us they never took the razor company’s offer seriously because Brian refuses to even trim his trademark, and, in fact … he’s told them the beard is “going with him to the grave.”

Of all sports and all players, the company, 800 Razors, decided to choose baseball and Wilson to go after. The Dodgers’ newest addition would do well not to take the money and shave, since ballplayers are notoriously superstitious and the Dodgers are rolling.

At 77-52, and moving through the National League with reckless abandon, everyone in Dodger Blue would do well to leave everything as is. Though Wilson isn’t making as much as the company would have paid him this season, he’ll likely earn himself another long-term contract if he can prove that his surgically-repaired elbow can hold up after his second Tommy John surgery. 

So far, so good, as he was clocked as high as 94 mph in his return to the mound on Thursday, which included a scoreless inning and two strikeouts while he was in impressive form. 

All hail the beard. Please, please don’t go anywhere. 

Photo Credit: Alex Gallardo/The News-Times

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