Seattle Seahawks: NFL preseason Week 1 grades

The Seattle Seahawks are expected to be good this year, really good, as they are projected to vie for the NFC West title and a Super Bowl appearance.  In their first preseason game versus the San Diego Chargers, the Seahawks confirmed these expectations with a 31-10 domination.  There is room for improvement though, so let’s breakdown the week 1 grades for the Seahawks.



Starters: C

The starters gave a rather lackluster performance on August 8 when they took the field against the Chargers.  In their two series, they punted on each possession.  In 12 plays, they had three first downs and a total of 42 yards, earning them a C grade.  Nothing to worry about yet though as preseason games are more about the complimentary role players on a team and less about the established starters who have already earned their spots. 


It is important to remember as well that the offensive starters were playing without Sidney Rice, who has returned from receiving treatments on his knee in Sweden, but did not play.  Also, Marshawn Lynch didn’t get a carry in last week’s exhibition either, though he was on the field for a short time.  The starters will bounce back in the upcoming weeks and Pete Carroll has the utmost faith in his squad.


“We would get into the second quarter and we try to keep it rolling and get going, and I think we would have”, said Carroll after the game.


Russell Wilson: B-

If the starters were a disappointment, so too was Russell Wilson.  Again, as the established starting quarterback, Wilson did not spend much time on the field last Thursday, but his performance earns him a B- grade.  He only completed two passes on six attempts for 23 yards.  He did, however, earn the respect of Chargers’ defensive end Dwight Freeney:

“I had no idea how fast he was. I had no idea,” Freeney said in an interview with Mike Costa and Judson Richards on XTRA Sports 1360 in San Diego. “By the time I got after the bull rush, I’m looking for this guy. He’s like 5-3, 5-4, whatever he is and I can’t find him. By the time I find him I was like ‘oh, here goes a sack.’ Next thing you know, ‘oh, no’ and I’m chasing him…He’s a fast, crafty guy. He reminds me of like a (Doug) Flutie but faster as far as a height standpoint.”

Backups: A

Preseason games are a chance for the backups to shine and earn their roles on the team.  Several players did just that.  Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson who is competing with Brady Quinn for the backup slot turned in an impressive performance against the Chargers completing eight out of nine pass attempts for 128 yards and two touchdowns.  Jackson was the starting quarterback for 14 games in 2011 for the Seahawks and made a solid case last week to backup Wilson. 


Wide receiver, Stephen Williams also had an impressive showing in the first preseason game.  The ex-Arizona Cardinal caught two Jackson passes for a total of 83 yards and a touchdown last Thursday.  With Percy Harvin out for the next few months, this could open up a roster spot for Williams behind starters Golden Tate and Rice.  Wilson took notice of the newcomer’s play-making abilities,


“His size is great, but his speed is really something that kind of opens yours eyes a little bit,’’ Wilson said. “He gets down the field so fast. The touchdown he caught, the (defender) was probably (lined up) 12 yards off of him and he just caught up to him so quickly. And that’s a threat because he’s great at stopping and starting, and he’s great at running comebacks, but also if he can run by a guy too, that’s a huge threat.’’

Defense: A

The Legion of Boom is back and the Seahawks defense did not disappoint in their first preseason game.  They allowed just 262 yards of offense and 10 points to the Chargers, while accumulating four quarterback sacks and forcing two interceptions.  Three of the four sacks were completed by backup players, speaking to the depth of the Seattle defense.  The one thing the defense lacked last week was the pass rush, and it will be interesting to see how this develops over the next few weeks. 

 Photo by Larry Maurer / Wikimedia Commons

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