Lakers may have a few gems on Summer League roster

After an offseason that has already seen Dwight Howard bolt for Houston and Metta World Peace waived under the amnesty clause, the Los Angeles Lakers are running out of talent. And for a team that struggled mightily last season to find its identity and even make the playoffs with the aforementioned pieces, talent is probably the last thing they could afford to lose. But as the Lakers took on the Los Angeles Clippers in NBA Summer League action on Monday evening, it looked as though there may be a few players on the roster that could help fill the void.

Marcus Landry and Elias Harris each had good all-around games, with Landry’s 16 points leading all scorers. Even more telling was the amount of energy with which these two, along with Chris Douglas-Roberts and the entire team, played. The Lakers 77-65 win doesn’t quite tell the whole story as the team was actually up by 21 at one point.  They simply looked liked the smarter, tougher, more athletic squad.  Athleticism is certainly something that the Lakers could use with  Steve Nash approaching 40, and an aging Kobe Bryant coming off of injury.

The fact that this is the Summer League should not diminish performances or outcomes. With almost every single player here fighting to make a regular season NBA roster, it’s safe to say that most are bringing their “A” games and playing hard. Nothing is coming easy.  Members of the Lakers approached this contest as if they believed that playing in Las Vegas in July could lead to playing alongside or opposite Bryant and Nash in October — as if they knew, that opportunities multiply as they are seized.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Stewart / US PRESSWIRE

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Acamea Deadwiler

Acamea Deadwiler is a journalist with several years experience covering the NBA for Yahoo! Sports, SLAM Online and, among other publications. Follow Acamea on Twitter @AcameaLD


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