Colin Kaepernick’s ranking brings pressure

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski has placed a ton of pressure on the young Colin Kaepernick.   According to ESPNMediazone.com, Jaworski who is affectionately known as Jaws, ranked the young quarterback 11th out of 32 in the league.  That may not seem like a ton of pressure but one must consider that Kaepernick only has 10 NFL starts. 

It is a risk to label a quarterback the next big thing so soon.  Just last season Cam Newton struggled early after being labeled the next big thing. 

NFL defenses do not like being made to look like fools, and last season that is exactly what Kaepernick did.  It appeared the adjustment to his game started in the Super Bowl when the Baltimore Ravens decided to hit him on almost every play.  He did end up having a big game, but most of that came after the 30 minute blackout and former Oregon Duck star Haloti Ngata went down due to injury. 

It may also be harder this season since his number one target, Michael Crabtree suffered an Achilles injury that may cost him most, if not, all of the season.   Crabtree and Kaepernick had developed a nice chemistry that allowed Crabtree to have his best season thus far.

Taking Kaepernick’s first eight starts (which includes the divisional playoff game) and projecting those numbers out for a full season, he would throw for 3976 yards, 24 touchdowns, 8 interceptions.  Those are really good numbers but not great numbers.  What separates him is the fact that his rushing total would be projected to be 970 yards. 

If the Super Bowl is in fact the blue print for how to slow down Kaepernick he will be called upon to throw the ball much more than run it.  He has a great arm but at times during that game he seemed hesitant and was not sure of what he was seeing. 

To truly be the 11th best quarterback in the league he will need to have an even better understanding of the passing game.  There are no indications that he will not and if he does, next season he may very well crack the top 10 of all analyst quarterback list. 

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