Los Angeles Lakers next in the tank pool?

Are the Los Angeles Lakers part of the “tank pool?”

These are not your father’s Lakers. Hell, they’re not even your Lakers. This is some mixed up Los Angeles Clippers’ team in the 90s dressed in gold and purple.

The Lakers should tank. It will not be a popular decision and it will be unprecedented. But, with a reported number of teams already preparing for the Andrew Wiggins’ lottery sweepstakes, the Lakers may want to punch their ticket.

This year was going to be bad. No real draft prospects to develop, aging starters and injury concerns, and that Dwight fellow. Maybe it’s time to look forward instead of work for the present.

As for the present: the starting lineup will still have one of the greatest point guards in Steve Nash and one of the more versatile big men in Pau Gasol. But, then the questions pop up:

Will Kobe Bryant be healthy in time to help?

Is Jordan Hill the answer?

Will there be enough to field a starting five?

Clearly, Laker fans are going to be unhappy.

The team signed Jordan Farmar, a former Laker, away from the Turkish Basketball League. Farmar was signed to a three-year, $10.5 million deal. Instead, he will be a Laker for the veteran minimum, one-year and approximately $1 million deal.

Farmar’s addition is no game-changer, it is merely a warm body to help Nash’s minutes. His play and presence will not make the fan base believe the Lakers are championship contenders.

And then, we have Chris Kaman. The former Clipper and Dallas Maverick was signed to replace a little of what Dwight Howard left over. Kaman’s career averages, 11.8 points, 8 rebounds, and 1.4 blocks, are not awful. In fact, they’re solid numbers. He just won’t sell tickets.

So, is it time to just give Kobe Bryant the Derek Rose treatment? Or is it too late given Bryant’s advanced basketball age and ticking clock? The Lakers will face the toughest questions and test in the upcoming weeks if there are no other major moves in the works.

It might be the best move to do what the Boston Celtics did and move on.

Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

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