Lakers news: Steve Nash says Dwight Howard resisted pick-and-roll

The Los Angeles Lakers brought in point guard Steve Nash to do the one thing that made him a perennial All-Star and NBA MVP on two separate occasions by running the pick-and-roll, but on Tuesday, he told ESPN 710 LA’s “Mason & Ireland” show that his then-teammate Dwight Howard resisted.

“He didn’t really seem like wanting to do a pick-and-roll offense,” Nash said on Tuesday’s program. “He wanted to get in the post more.” 

 Ironically, Howard is known as a player who lacks refinement on the offensive end and would potentially be best-suited as a roll man with one of the best passers in NBA history feeding him the ball. The Lakers clearly had issues on the floor and didn’t gel well when they were at full strength, though that was a rare occasion given the numerous injuries that plagued the team.

But Dwight wanted the ball in the post exclusively, and the Lakers wouldn’t give in.

They’re sticking with head coach Mike D’Antoni as head coach and would not listen to Howard’s desires. Ironically, as Nash pointed out, Houston runs a pick-and-roll, but unlike Los Angeles, theyre likely more willing to change the offense to feature him more. Rockets head coach Kevin McHale is a legendary post player in his own regard, and Hakeem Olajuwon is in wait and available to help Howard take his game to the next level. 

The biggest question remains whether or not Howard is ready to be one of the leaders of a championship-caliber team mentally. He took less money to join a roster filled with pieces that suit him. But the first time something goes wrong with respect to the schematics, fit or otherwise, all bets are off. 

Photo Credit: Cary Edmond / USA Today

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