How Jason Kidd, the coach, can change the NBA

The NBA coaching dynamic took a dramatic turn with the news that the Brooklyn Nets consider retired guard Jason Kidd as the leading candidate for the head coaching vacancy.

Kidd recently announced his retirement from the NBA after 19 seasons on June 3, 2013. He left nearly $6 million dollars on the table in his decision to stop playing professional basketball.

The surprise is not the hiring of another former NBA guard as head coach. There are plenty. Two are already hot on the market: the recently hired Pistons’ head coach, Maurice Cheeks and the Indiana Pacers’ associate head coach Brian Shaw.

It is the mere fact that Kidd just retired. He is 40 years old. If he is hired, that would make him the second youngest head coach to the Pacers’ Frank Vogel (39).

The pedigree is impressive for Kidd — 19 years in the NBA, 10-time NBA All-Star, one NBA championship, and two Olympic gold medals. But, this is groundbreaking news. Kidd would barely qualify as a retired player and would graduate to head coach before even an assistant coaching role.

The dynamic of coaching will alter dramatically if Kidd is hired by the Nets. It would create a free-for-all environment for NBA players to retire and immediately become the “other” man giving directions to players. The overall outlook of coaches will change to relatable because former players would be fresh to the NBA fan’s eyes.

It would also mean that coaching assistants become a bigger part in the coaching scheme. With green coaches, there needs to be a stable of experienced assistant coaches, offensive and defensive, to contribute direction. The NBA may very well become the new NFL in the coaching department — except the NFL has yet to hire a retired player two weeks after the announcement.

Kidd is breaking new ground and the current free-for-all for coaching vacancies may be seen as a positive or negative. For now, we’re all on the fence.

 Photo Credit: BMendez68 / Wikimedia Commons

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Timothy Lee

Timothy Lee is a sports and video game journalist born and raised in Southern California. He is great at finding the important detail in the mundane and ordinary. He has published articles for Riot Games,,,, and SBNation.


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