Seahawks’ Kam Chancellor on PED suspensions: ‘We have to grow up’

Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor joined SiriusXM radio to discuss the latest suspension to defensive end Bruce Irvin as well as all of the others that have occurred within the last several months.

The Seahawks have had a whopping six players test positive for performance enhancing drugs since 2010, five if considering that Richard Sherman‘s was overturned. Irvin’s four-game hiatus for the very same reason is cause for concern for a defense that is slated to be among the NFL’s best in 2013. Chancellor spoke about what the team is doing to curtail that detrimental behavior.

“We had a meeting. The veterans put a meeting together to talk to the guys about not making the same mistakes over and over,” he said. “We have to grow up and move past that. That’s pretty much the message right now, growing up and not making the same mistakes over and over.”

What kind of impact this will have on the team’s long-term ability to abstain from being among the league’s worse offenders is unknown, but it stands to reason that the team’s veterans could perhaps light a fire under the rest of the team to mature and move past it.

Seattle had the NFL’s top-ranked defense in 2012, allowing just 15.3 points per game, but Chancellor doesn’t think losing one player will affect their ability to build upon last season.

“Losing Bruce is a key part of our defense,” he said. “But our team is so stacked in our depth and everybody’s so good, that whoever steps in that role, they will do an amazing job as well so we shouldn’t miss a beat.

Photo Credit: Jelson25 / Wikimedia Commons

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