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Kobe Bryant’s feud with mother aired out via Twitter


The well-documented financial dispute between Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant and his mother, Pamela, took an awkward turn on Saturday when Bryant vented his frustrations on the matter via social media. 

It’s incredible how much substance there is to this sub-140-character rant.

First, as I’ve written many times, Bryant has historically been one of the most enigmatic figures in the sports world and rarely let fans and even his own teammates in. Then, in one fell swoop, he suddenly embraced social media and became candid and transparent. A look through his timeline will yield many fun facts, witty remarks on all things NBA and interaction with fans. 


Basically, Kobe became the anti-Kobe in the virtual world and decided he’d give himself to fans. 

But this is something entirely different. He’s venting on a very personal matter, and letting the world know his side of the story when he really didn’t have to. He implies that his mother gave him no warning and that he’s hurt by the matter — that instantly humanizes him more than he’s done so already by opening up via Twitter. It also shows that no matter how rich and famous someone is, that it may never be enough. 

There are so many questions about this bizarre and unfortunate set of circumstances. But here’s what we know: 

TMZ obtained a copy of the lawsuit and reported that the two sides were entrenched in a battle over memorabilia that includes Bryant’s 1998 All-Star ring, trophies from his prep career at Lower Merion High School, Lakers jerseys and shorts and several other items. Bryant’s mother is selling the items in order to help purchase a new home. 

Before doing so, she struck a deal with Goldin Auctions on a $450,000 advance. Mama Bryant claims that Kobe gave her all of the items on his own accord, while the star guard is disputing that claim. Now that the courts are involved, it’s out of their hands and a judge will rule on the matter. The case is still open as of Saturday afternoon. 

Again, there are far more questions than answers. What did he give his mother? Better yet, what has she taken from her son already as the statement implies? What’s her take on the matter?

This story can’t have a happy ending. For a mother and son that seemed to be on the mend after troubles early in his career, that’s beyond sad.

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Michael C. Jones is the managing editor and founder of Sports Out West and a Southern California-based sports journalist. His credits include Yahoo Sports and Bleacher Report, among many others. You can catch up with him on Twitter: @MikeJonesTweets.
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  • Mary T

    As a mom I would feel slighted if my son treated me like a mother-in-law rather than the mother. Then maybe Kobe is trying to please his wife…to keep her by lavishing the whims of the mother-in-law. A man will do a lot for the woman he loves.

  • Nico

    @ Coby…you never draw the line in the sand when the line comes down to your mother. No matter what your feelings may be behind actions of hers that you don’t approve of. That is your mother of which you only get one. trips me out….you’re asking yourself at what point do you draw the line concerning your mother but when things weren’t looking to good with your wife….it seemed for her that there was nothing you wouldn’t do. I see people are forgetting whom their real models are that they used to aim to be. I know we all look beyond our parents dreams and we find our own paths in life but it started with their’s… whom….”YOUR MOTHER.”
    Shame on you dude…you ran out and spent on your wife….an absurd amount of money for a finger ring…then you bought your in laws a massive luxury crib…and you didn’t even buy your own mom a home.
    Really! Come the F@#k on. Seriously, this needs to be discussed again…..”finding people to love us for what we have….. instead of loving those for loving us even when we didn’t have sh#t. Look I know its hard being fortunate and having everyone coming at you wanting, taking and requesting constantly of you and it’s your choice to give whom it is that you want, when you wan ….if that’s what you want…….and who am I to comment or have a say on anything? But I’m A mother….that’s who I am.. listening to this rather hearing of this…speaking of your.imagine wise. and you role modeling for my grand kids. How I felt behind hearing this…..let’s just say.I lost loving respect for you. You team oriented but biological warfare…..cause a man that cant love his mother limitlessness……proves he can only loves to the limit. An a man like this is rake.(n)

  • W Hernandez

    Great story but a few typos…