NFL draft 2013: Chip Kelly hated pace because he’s Chip Kelly

Former University of Oregon and current Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has his teams play fast, he talks fast and even moves fast up and down the sidelines. 

chip kelly

Smile coach, things will get faster eventually!
(Photo by Abdoozy / Wikimedia Commons)

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that when he joined WIP in Philadelphia’s Angelo Cataldi, he said that the painstaking process of the NFL draft in April went too slow for his liking. Most first-year NFL head coaches tend to enjoy the process and treat it as a learning experience. Kelly, however, was hilariously candid when asked whether or not he enjoyed his first draft (via

“To be honest, it was awful because you make a pick and then it seems like six hours later you get to make another pick. So it doesn’t happen like the game, it’s a lot slower in terms of, you make a pick, you get excited about the guy you get and then you’re not up for another three hours. The in between part kills you, being on the clock and waiting towards the do you get an opportunity to get this guy? He’s still on the board. When it gets closer to your pick it gets exciting, but the down time, I think, took a little bit to get used to.”

“Awful?” “Kills you?” Classic.

The best part is how much he loathes the down time. Everything this guy does is with speed in mind, and it’s one of the reasons the Oregon Ducks played with such unmatched pace in the ranks of college football. It will be fun to see if any of that translates into the pro game, and if his frustration with the snail’s pace of the draft is any indication, then it should be plenty entertaining.  

The NFL draft as it relates to Kelly was more than likely one of those fly-on-the-wall moments where it would be worth a substantial amount of money to see him pacing in the war room and going ballistic while undergoing the agonizing wait to make his next selection. There’s no doubt it would be worth almost any reasonable price of admission. 

For now, we’ll just have to speculate as to what it looked like and use his vivid description as fodder for the imagination. Until the season starts, or at least OTA’s get underway, it will be the only thing fans will have to hang their hat on with respect to the speedy one. 

Hang in there, Chip, training camp should be a little more exciting for you. 

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