NFL rumors: Could Tim Tebow join Manti Te’o in San Diego?

Former New York Jets quarterback and current NFL free agent  Tim Tebow needs a new NFL home, if a team will have him. 

Enter the San Diego Chargers, who according to Dennis Waszak Jr. of the Associated Press, could be a good fit to sign the former Florida Gator and Heisman Trophy winner. Tebow’s tenure with the Jets was notably tumultuous, with the team and player both struggling to find a comfort zone in utilizing him. 

Now that he’s been released, he’s going to look to play somewhere, and America’s Finest City could be a potential destination given his history with first-year Bolts head coach Mike McCoy, who served as his offensive coordinator during a magical run into the NFL playoffs with the Denver Broncos in 2011 where he led the team to six straight wins.

There's that beautiful throwing motion. (Photo by Jeffrey Beal / Wikimedia Commons)

Does the AFC West want any of this again?                      (Photo by Jeffrey Beal / Wikimedia Commons)

He parlayed that into an opportunity to earn his first playoff start; in that contest against the favored Pittsburgh Steelers, he made a believer out of many skeptics and fans by throwing for 316 passing yards and two touchdowns while rushing for 50 yards and a score. 

NFL analysts laudedMcCoy for his ability to cater the offense to suit Tebow’s skill set, which is the ability to extend plays and avoid tacklers when plays break down. Where he struggles, however, is in exercising a quick release and accuracy — two areas that are key to long-term success at the NFL level. 

But is San Diego ready for an experiment, and more importantly, the circus that is sure to follow if Tebow were to come to town? Moreover, is McCoy really a believer in Tebow’s abilities to be a true passer? It stands to reason that he simply worked with what he was given as the fans were ready for a change from incumbent Kyle Orton. Executive John Elway likely appeased them by throwing him to the wolves, and he won in spite of them, forcing them to keep playing him.

It’s hard to envision any NFL team giving him a real shot, but there are some desperate teams out there. The question is, are the Chargers one of them?  

Talent aside, there’s celebrity factor. On the proverbial island that is San Diego, the Chargers could use the exposure. That means that much like when they selected Manti Te’o in the second round of the 2013 NFL draft, they could be motivated by Tebow’s ability to put rear ends in seats. 

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