Phil Jackson considering return to NBA

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In November, Phil Jackson was all but certain he would be coaching the Los Angeles Lakers again.  Then for one reason or other the Lakers decided that Mike D’Antoni was a better fit to the team.  Now as the season is coming to a close and NBA jobs are about to begin to open up Jackson again may want to through his name in the ring.

According to Bleacherreport.com, Jackson wants to return in a coaching or front office capacity.

The question then becomes what teams match Jackson normal requirements for coaching.  He essentially wants a team with two up incoming stars that need his tutelage to get over the hump.  The only team close to that description is the Oklahoma City Thunder with superstar Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.  However, Scott Brooks does not appear to be going anywhere. 

The Los Angeles Clippers may be an intriguing option.  If the Clippers can resign Chris Paul the team may be lure Jackson in to their head coaching position.  There have been reports this season about Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan not being on the same page as current head coach Vinny Del Negro.  Jackson would command respect instantly due to his 11 championship rings as a coach. 

More likely is the fact that Jackson wants to be the new Pat Riley.  He wants to put a team together but not have to do the day to day toil of coaching.  The list then opens up much wider to the number of teams that could use Jackson’s cachet in the front office.  There are a few teams in the NBA that lack direction.  Although his Zen methods may have been questioned, Jackson’s direction never has been. 

You will usually find him on the path to a championship.

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Keenan Actkins

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