NBA confirms Kobe Bryant fouled Ricky Rubio

Big surprise—the NBA issued a statement on Thursday saying that a foul should have been called against Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant while he was defending a last second shot attempt by Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio during Wednesday’s 120-117 victory.

This does little to change the outcome of last night’s game in which the Wolves fought their way back, mostly via the “Hack-a-Dwight” strategy. NBA officiating has long been a point of concern for fans and NBA league officials as well.

Over the past couple years, it seems to have only gotten worse and the last thing a fan of a team wants to see is a statement issued after the fact saying that something should have been called. Who’s to say that Rubio hits all three free throws and forces overtime? We’ll never know, but the fact that the league is not ignoring the bad officiating would lead one to believe that something will be done about it very soon.

Bryant was asked about the foul on Rubio that wasn’t called.

”You don’t call that,” he said.

Bryant is right. 

It’s unheard of for a foul to be called at the buzzer in the NBA and Bryant knows that better than anyone. Bryant suffered a sprained ankle when Atlanta Hawks guard Dhantay Jones stood under him late in a game in Atlanta earlier this month. No foul was called and the Hawks sealed the victory moments later.

Maybe this will change in the near future but in the meantime, expect more and more fans to voice their opinion over the refs keeping their whistles in their pockets at the end of tight games.

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Michael Porter

Michael Lorenzo Porter is a sports fanatic who was born and raised all over Southern California. He brings a healthy knowledge of all things Lakers, Dodgers, L.A. Kings and Madden. His passion is only matched by his continuing quest for knowledge and thirst for stats concerning the vast world of sports.


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