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Oakland Raiders give Rolando McClain permission to seek trade

The Oakland Raiders’ approach this offseason seems to be that they have accepted things are going to get worse before they gets better.

The Raiders have already parted ways with Michael Huff and Darius is reporting the Raiders have now given 2010 first round pick Rolando McClain permission to seek a trade. 

McClain has had a number of off the field issues.  In January he was arrested for signing a false name to a traffic ticket.  In 2011 he was arrested in Decatur, Alabama on gun charges.  Those charges were later dropped. 

On the field things have not gone so smoothly either.  This season McClain was benched from his starter role due to poor play. His career numbers do not exactly blow people away.  In three NFL seasons he has a total of 175 tackles, though he did post a respectable five sacks in 2011. 

Raiders’ general manager Reggie McKenzie has been on a mission since he took over, to try and find a quality nucleus to build from.  Giving McClain permission to seek employment elsewhere, clearly says he is not a part of that nucleus.  The Raiders have the number three pick in this April’s NFL draft.  Historically, that is perceived as too high to take a middle linebacker.  But with the new collective bargaining agreement and the lower cost of a high pick, anything is possible.        

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Keenan Actkins

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