Lakers news: Mitch Kupchak says Mike Brown firing was due to Buss’ health

When the Los Angeles Lakers fired former head coach Mike Brown after just five games following a 1-4 start, much of the sports world scratched its head, and general manager Mitch Kuphcak has finally shed some more light as to why it played out in such bizarre fashion. 

In an interview with CBS Radio (via ESPN Los Angeles), Kupchak said that lack of patience was a factor (obviously), but also revealed that the failing health of the team’s beloved owner, Dr. Jerry Buss, may have augmented that fact.

“When we made the changes we made in the offseason, we really did it with a two- or maybe even a three-year window, probably a two-year window to do our best and win a championship, Kupchak said in the interview. “And clearly we knew Dr. Buss was not in great health, and we were hoping for the next year or two we could put something on the court that would result in being in the hunt at the end of the year for a championship.”

The Lakers have a starting lineup with just one player under the age of 32 along with a bench that is 26th in the NBA in scoring with 27.0 points per game through 58 games. They acquired Dwight Howard in the offseason without any assurance that he would re-sign, though they are confident he will do so. The Lakers also gave up two first-rounders to acquire a then-38 year-old Steve Nash

In other words, their window is already shutting as fast as it opened over the offseason, with the Lakers overmatched vs. the NBA’s elite.

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Michael C. Jones is the managing editor and founder of Sports Out West and a Southern California-based sports journalist. His credits include Yahoo Sports and Bleacher Report, among others.


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