San Francisco 49ers: Jim Harbaugh won’t let bad Super Bowl call go

Just six days after the Super Bowl, Jim Harbaugh is still discussing the apparent pass-interference that was not called on the last offensive play of the game.

Most people who watched the game have said that the officials shouldn’t make that call and just allow the players to play the game, letting the chips fall where they may.

Harbaugh disagrees with that assessment. The 49ers coach was on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco last week and he believes the pass interference call should be called the same way whether it is in the first play of the game or the last.

The coach further elaborated on SportsRadioInterviews.com that the game should be called the same way the first play of the game, the last play of the game and in between. Harbaugh feels that these are the rules of football and the officials can either call the game by the rules or let them play and get away something.

As a fan, which would you rather have?

Immediately following the game, Harbaugh voiced his displeasure with the non-call, but after nearly one week, one would think that the coach would have stopped his complaining. But the 49ers coach feels that his team was robbed on his team’s last offensive play and the non-call possibly cost his team a Super Bowl title.

Robert W. Ekberg is a staff writer for SportsOutWest and Los Angeles Area-based sports journalist. Follow him on Twitter @Robek24

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