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NBA Power Rankings 2013: Warriors have small drop in the standings

The Golden State Warriors have hit a rough patch as of late. After defeating the Los Angeles Clippers in their first game of 2013, they lost back-to-back games to the Clippers and then the Memphis Grizzlies for only the second time this season.

Squeaking out a tough home win against the Portland Trail Blazers in Damian Lillard’s homecoming to Oakland, the Warriors then lost to the Denver Nuggets over the weekend. Facing the Miami Heat on Wednesday to start an incredibly tough stretch of games, where do the Warriors rank in the

The four sources used for this compiled power rankings are ESPN 2012-2013 John Hollinger’s Power Rankings, ESPN Marc Stein’s Power Rankings, CBS Sports Matt Moore’s Power Rankings and Sports Illustrated Matt Dollinger’s Power Rankings.

John Hollinger

The Warriors are still in his top 10 rankings, as their rating had just a minimal drop and stayed in the No. 9 spot. The team is currently amongst the top 11 teams when it comes to offensive and defensive efficiency, which showcases the team’s transformation to a more balanced team.

Marc Stein

Currently listed as the eighth-highest team, the Warriors dropped four spots on the list. He highlighted the team’s upcoming span of road games, including matchups against the San Antonio Spurs and Chicago Bulls. The rest of January will be crucial for the team’s success, as the Warriors’ late-season schedule is very favorable with plenty of home games.

Matt Moore

The Warriors also dropped four slots on Moore’s list. Currently listed as the No. 9 team, he mentioned Stephen Curry’s lights-out shooting all season long. Teams that moved ahead of them on his list include the Nuggets and Brooklyn Nets.

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Despite losing two games since his last power ranking, the Warriors stayed in the No. 6 spot on Dollinger’s list. Referring to it as just a “flesh wound” for the team, he highlighted the team’s impressive win over the Clippers on January 2 and foreshadowed the impact Andrew Bogut would provide when he returns.

Austin Chang is a Writer for Sports Out West and a San Francisco Bay Area-based sports journalist. His work can also be found on Yahoo! Sports and Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @_austinchang.

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Austin Chang

Austin Chang is the Associate Editor of Sports Out West and a San Francisco Bay Area-based sports journalist. His work can also be found on Yahoo! Sports and RamsTalk. Follow him on Twitter @_austinchang.


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