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Sacramento Kings moving to Seattle?: City preparing to lose team for good

The venue formerly known as Arco Arena was once the envy of the Western Conference. (Photo by Justin Smith / Wikimedia Commons)

It’s only a matter of time before the Sacramento Kings move to Seattle, whether NBA fans in Northern California or fans of simple justice like it or not. 

The Kings’ sale to a Seattle-based group that includes Chris Hansen is nearly complete, and all anyone is waiting for is a formal announcement, according to NBA analyst David Aldridge

Sacramento owners Joe and Gavin Maloof have come to their wits end with respect to increasing debts and financial troubles that left them with no other viable options than to sell the franchise. The report states that a deal to the Seattle group is imminent and that there is no knight in shining armor lying in wait. It’s a sad state of affairs for all parties involved, even for a Seattle fan base that had a team ripped right out from under them not long ago. 

Can they in good conscience get behind a team that went through the same process? It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances and a real moral dilemma for the old Supersonics faithful that used to rock the Key Arena night in and night out. How do they feel about the fact that they’re a part of the city, state and league’s great pain if they go through with this? 

Despite the glimmers of hope being reported throughout the week that Sacramento had financial support from some local investors, all of that talk has died down while the scuttlebutt surrounding Seattle turns into more of a reality. Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson devoted much of his time to finding a way to get a deal done and worked tirelessly to keep his hometown team where they belong. 

The Kings belong in Sacramento, just like the Sonics should have stayed in Seattle. Even though it’s all but finished, the legacy of the franchise’s great moments, players and people will live on forever. Now, it’s time to wait for the official word that the Kings are indeed moving to Seattle. 

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  • Troy Rivers

    With all due respect what makes you or David Aldridge an expert in this travesty of a transaction? It is very possible that the Kings are lost in Sacramento. Yes lost, not relocated! The Maloofs have evolved into the most disingenuous individuals in professional sports. Their financial problems have for the past six years adversely affected more than themselves. And because they would never own up to those problems, many people have lost jobs, lives have been changed, and a proud city may lose one of its prized possessions!

    Clearly there are people with pockets deep enough to keep this team in Sacramento. Additionally, I don’t see Commissioner Stern and the NBA allowing Mayor Johnson the opportunity to present a counter offer if they did not believe it was viable. The players involved know more than any writer fan or concerned citizen of any community involved. So rather than pontificate, express your personal opinions or beliefs and do what news reporters are suppose to do and that is report the facts!

    • Trev Baus

      kings should stay and the nba should make a seattle team