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NBA All-Star Game: 3 Reasons Stephen Curry should make the West squad

Thanks in large part to a clean bill of health, Stephen Curry is having an amazing bounce back season thus far for the Golden State Warriors. His statistics alone (20.2ppg, 4.3rpg, 6.4apg) should build a strong case for inclusion on the Western Conference All-Star team this season. However, that is just one reason of many. Below are the top three reasons why Curry should be in Houston sporting an All-Star jersey this February.

Triple Threat

Curry is one of the rare basketball players who is a true triple threat every time he touches the ball. If you back off him, he’ll drill a 3-pointer over you.  If you guard him tight, he’ll drive by you.  If you move over to help on his drive, he will beat you with the pass and set up a teammate for an easy bucket.

Team Record

In past seasons, the coaches’ picks never went to Warriors’ players even though they put up excellent statistics. A big reason for that was the poor record the Warriors had at the All-Star break every year. The Warriors record stands at 22-12 through 32 games and a healthy Curry is a major reason for their success thus far. 

The Closer

Steph is the closer for Golden State. When the game is on the line, whether they are leading or trailing, the ball is in Curry’s hands.  His ability to hit tough 3-pointers brings the Warriors back quickly when trailing, and his excellent free-throw shooting (90% career) allows the Warriors to maintain leads late in games.

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Considering Curry’s individual achievements and the Warriors hot start, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where Curry should be excluded from this February’s celebration of basketball.

Bay Area native and life-long sports fan Nick Domanico is a die-hard fan of the Golden Warriors. For more Warriors insight, follow Nick on Twitter.



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