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Los Angeles Dodgers offseason 2012: Big spending no worry to Giants

The Los Angeles Dodgers have recently signed Zack Grienke, Korean left-hander Hyun-Jin Ryu, and most recently veteran infielder Skip Schumaker.

They now have the attention of all of Major League Baseball teams, but none more so than their rivals to the north, the San Francisco Giants.

Los Angeles,with new ownership and watching San Francisco win two out of the last three World Series, had to make a big move. With the Dodgers already having been in the top 10 in every pitching category, they now send a message to San Francisco. This will not be the same team they played last year. The Los Angeles Dodgers have now put their starting pitching rotation right up there with San Francisco’s.

However, fans in San Francisco have no reason to worry. Los Angeles acquired Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, and Adrian Gonzalez and that didn’t quite work out last year. The Giants have two World Series rings in the last three years, arguably the best overall pitching in the league and their entire starting lineup staying in San Francisco. They’ve added Andres Torres to provide a little depth to the outfield and secured Angel Pagan and Marco Scutaro with multi-year contracts.

San Francisco should not worry for now. However, if they’re not performing well come July, don’t be surprised if they make a very impactful trade. General manager Brian Sabean has made big acquisitions the past three years by getting Cody Ross, Carlos Beltran, Marco Scutaro and Hunter Pence.

There’s no need for anyone in the Bay Area rooting for the Giants to panic or have a knee-jerk reaction — yet. 

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Maxim Garshman

Maxim Garshman is a Bay Area native who now calls San Diego home. He has an expert voice on all things NHL and NFL, and currently works as the Chargers beat writer for Sports Out West.


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