The History of MMA In Pictures (InfoGraphic)

Our friends over at Havoc Store put together this neat little infographic about the history of MMA. For those of you who are new to the sport or want to get caught up in a relatively short amount of time, this is an innovative and very practical tool to get you up to speed. 

Beginning in an unheralded octagon in Denver, the sport came from humble beginnings before it became the monster that it’s known as today. Inside, you’ll find interesting facts, figures and relevant numbers that put the whole phenomenon of mixed martial arts into perspective. Once you read through the information presented, you’ll have an entirely new sense of appreciation for the roots of one of the United States’ fastest growing sports. 

Big hat tip to the author and creator of the unique set of graphics, Mr. John Rushworth and all of the folks at Havoc Store — cheers! 

For more MMA news, be sure to check the Sports Out West MMA hub frequently. Enjoy!

UFC Facts and Figures Infographic
Created by Havoc Store – to view the original go here.

Michael C. Jones is the Editor of Sports Out West and covers mixed martial arts. You can follow him on Twitter @MikeJonesTweets

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Michael C. Jones is the managing editor and founder of Sports Out West and a Southern California-based sports journalist. His credits include Yahoo Sports and Bleacher Report, among others.


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